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Russ Bennett is the founder and owner of NorthLand Visual Design & Construction Inc. (1978) in Waitsfield, VT. Russ is a designer, builder, sculptor, social activist, and planner within his community as well as an artist and a musician in his own right.  Northland Design and Construction Inc. has designed manufacturing facilities, residential homes, restaurants, car washes, festivals and more.  For over 30 years Northland had employed people working in the field, offices and studio.  Northland practices socially responsible business in all it does. 

Russ is presently on the board of Vermont Business for Social Responsibility and has served as Director of Jaycees, Affordable Housing Coalition and the Walking Path Commission. He also served as the Chair of the Transportation Committee responsible for bus service in the Mad River Valley, was a member of the Mad River Valley’s three-town regional planning commission, and past delegate to Vermont’s political convention.

Russ has been involved in social and political issues for his entire adult life. His volunteer efforts range from high school vocational program advisor, to civic organization officers. These roles include President of Sugarbush Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the local Planning Commission for 15 years.

Russ remains active in many social movements, is supporter of many arts organizations and a regular supporter of young, fledging artists, musicians and artisans.

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